Frequently asked questions

Build from sources

  • Compilator requirements

  • To compile the project you'll need Delphi 2007 (not 2009!). However, you could try to compile the project with BDS 2006, but there is no any warranty it works.
  • Which packages are needed for compilation

  • To compile the project, you'll need following external packages:
    а) Asphyre eXtreme v3.x - download
    б) Bass Audio Library v2.3.x - download
    в) Graphics32 v1.8.x - download
    г) JVCL v3.x и JCL v1.x - download
    д) paxScript v3.x - download
    е) SynEdit v2.0.x - download

    It is better to download JCL & JVCL in one package (complete), so these components are exactly will be compatible. Besides downloading paxScript, I advise you to download paxScript Importer. With this tool you can easily make your own IMP-files for scripts.
    Link to paxScript is for Delphi 2007. Go to a paxScript's homepage to download appropriate version.
    WARNING: If you have another versions of these packages installed, there is no warranty that the project will be compiled!
  • How to get sources from CVS

  • Technical info:
    CVS server - dqe.cvs.sourceforge.net
    CVS repository - /cvsroot/dqe
    Modules list - DizzyQuestEditor2, DizzyQuestPlayer2, Doc, Shared, Additional, Quests

    Firstly, you must create a folder, where your local repository copy will be located. Then create the following *.bat file there.

    @echo off
    echo Downloading DQE from CVS...
    set CVSROOT=:pserver:anonymous@dqe.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/dqe
    cvs -d %CVSROOT% checkout DizzyQuestEditor2
    cvs -d %CVSROOT% checkout DizzyQuestPlayer2
    cvs -d %CVSROOT% checkout Shared
    cvs -d %CVSROOT% checkout Doc
    cvs -d %CVSROOT% checkout Additional
    cvs -d %CVSROOT% checkout Quests
    echo Update Complete!

    To create/update your local repository, run that *bat file.

    Get local copy using TortoiseCVS:
    1. Create a folder, where your local repository copy will be located. Open it and then right-click and in a context menu choose "CVS checkout...".
    2. Set up the following parameters:
    3. Protocol - :pserver:
      Server - dqe.cvs.sourceforge.net
      Repository folder - /cvsroot/dqe
    4. Click "Fetch list...", to get modules list.
    5. Then, choose first module (in "Module:" dropdown list) and click OK, then second module, e.t.c.
    6. Later, to update all existing modules, select them all and in context menu choose "CVS update"
  • How to get the latest sources release

  • The latest sources-only release is always available by link: http://dqe.sourceforge.net/?file=dqe2_src. See " Download" tab for more information.
  • Delphi setup

    1. Download and setup all packages, required for DQE compilation
    2. While installing external packages, you should add their installation path to Delphi's Library Path. Also you must add paths for Additional packages, that comes with DQE: Additional\Alkatraz, Additional\PluginControl, Additional\IMPs, Additional\Bass and Additional\FontsAlt
  • Build

  • Before you'll build the projects, you may set up appropriate application icons for them:
    1. Icon for Editor (DQE2.dpr) - Shared\data\icons\DQE2.ico
    2. Icon for Player (DQP2.dpr)- Shared\data\icons\DQP2.ico

    You should build the following Delphi projects:
    1. Editor - DizzyQuestEditor2\DQE2.dpr
    2. Player - DizzyQuestPlayer2\DQP2.dpr

Setup and run

  • Dowload latest version

  • You have three variants to download the project:
    • Ready-to-run programs - fully precompiled projects in *.exe format. It is perfect for end-user - download the package, unpack it and the program is ready for work.
    • Sources of project's releases - programs' sources for manual compilation. It will fit to anyone, who wants to look inside into a program code or modify something there. These sources are as stable as corresponded precompiled binaries. Also, you may read build project from sources instructions.
    • Get sources from CVS. You are able to download the latest project's sources from repository. They reflect the most recent changes done to project, however, they may be untested, or even not working. See, how to get sources from repository information.

    Also, look "Download" tab to choose the necessary files.
  • System requirements

  • Well, this program will run at any modern computer (or not so even modern as well). I think that if your computer meets following requirements, it should be enough:
    • Processor: 1.2 GHz
    • RAM: 256 MB
    • Video card: any, with 32 MB of video memory
    • Sound card: desirable, if DirectX 9 compatible, but not required

    Also you must DirectX installed on your machine. DirectX must be not earlier than for September, 2007.
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